June 9th, 2018

1PM - 4PM

Level 1 Tea Leaf Reading Class - with Pinky

Cost: 40 dollars cash, paid in advance please ASAP, and will reserve your seat. Please contact the shop at (902)-469-7842 for questions. Seating is limited and there are only a couple of spots left! Cash only please

Learn how to read tea leaves!

Class involves: the history of tea leaf reading, types of teas recommended for reading, symbols and meanings, and how to do the reading.

At the end of the class, we read each other's cup with my guidance.

- Pinky

June 16th, 2018

2PM - 4PM

Mediumship - with Steve Bell

Cost: 45 dollars, please pay in advance to secure a spot as seating is limited and payment secures your space. Call 469-7842 for questions.

If you don't know who Steve Bell is then here is a bit about him.
Steve is one of the most gifted psychics in Atlantic Canada. He likes to keep a low profile and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for his readings because he's a great guy! Loves to help people!
He has been doing mediumship for 40 years. Has written a book on numerology, in which he excels, called "numerology made easy" and a book called "you are psychic". Steve can read your aura, past lives,tarot, palms and is a medical intuitive. He holds a certificate of advanced mediumship from Spiritual Science Fellowship, A Bachelor Degree of Metaphysical Science from the Metaphysical Science University of Sedona, Arizona, plus successfully completed a course of mediumship in Lillydale, New York, under Rosemary Altea, Bestselling author of "The Eagle & The Rose". Steve's also worked with authorities on numerous occasions to help with missing people.
So, after this introduction you are not banging down our doors to sign up for this limited seating class, I don't know what to say! (ed-Donna)
And he is only charging 45.00 but it must be paid up front to secure your spot before June 10th. We feel so bad when we turn people away then someone doesn't show up.
Steve Bell's website is www.psychiccafe.ca

June 23rd, 2018

1PM - 3PM

Crystal Scrying and Runes - with Christina

Cost: 20 dollars, paid in advance preferably.


Have you ever wondered if the stones in your personal collection could be used for anything other than just pretty paperweights or pocket stones?  Have you ever wondered why certain stones are your favourites where others are not?  Why not try learning how to cast and “read” what your stones may be trying to tell you!  Explore the ancient art of stone casting which could be used for predicting the future, spiritual guidance, and inspiration.  Casting stones is not new, in fact Runes have been used for centuries as part of the divination arts.  

Join us as we explore very simple methods available to use for learning how to cast your stones, the many choices of charts and materials available to use.  We will touch base on Runes and how to use them, as well as how to use regular stones in the same manner.   Symbols, no symbols, how to create charts for reading, and how to use your favourite stones to gain insight into your life.

No experience necessary, absolutely everyone is welcome!  If you love crystals and stones, love how they look and feel when you touch them, and you enjoy exploring what they mean – then you are already well on your way to learning how to cast.  Bring your own stones!  Choose some new ones!  Bring along a Rune set if you want to! 

It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and best of all . . . it’s easy.